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NIOXIN - Using the wrong Nioxin System will waste money and time, and won't deliver results. Understand how to choose from the eight Nioxin systems available. Best selection of Nioxin at discount prices on Nioxin Shampoo, Nioxin Conditioner, Thinning Hair Products, Scalp Therapy, Treatments and more
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Nioxin FAQs

Nioxin offers a tailored solution based on specific characteristics of your hair.

Using the wrong Nioxin System will waste money and time, and won't deliver results. Understand how to choose from the eight systems available.


Nioxin System 8 Nioxin System 7 Nioxin SYstem 6 Nioxin System 5 Nioxin System 4 Nioxin System 3 Nioxin System 2 Nioxin System 1
If you have excessively thinning areas or a low-density hairline, use Follicle Booster an intensive, vitamin-enriched leave-in scalp treatment that exfoliates dead skin cells and transports advanced nourishment to hair.

Use Nioxin Recharging Complex for the most complete approach to fuller, thicker, healthier hair.

Q & A

Q.Can NIOXIN® products be used by individuals with alopecia?
A. Yes, NIOXIN® products are used to promote a healthy scalp environment and improve the appearance of thinning hair.

Q. How do NIOXIN products work?
A. NIOXIN Formulations help to address the combination of factors linked to noticeably thin-looking hair and creates an optimum scalp environment by removing excess sebum containing elevated levels of DHT from the hair and scalp.

Q.Should the Scalp Treatment and Follicle Booster® be used together and if so, in what order?
A. The following regimen is recommended:

  1. Cleanser
  2. Scalp Therapy, towel dry hair
  3. Follicle Booster
  4. Scalp Treatment.

Q. Is NIOXIN just a shampoo?
A. Nioxin Cleansers are used in place of shampoos. Unlike conventional shampoos, Nioxin Cleansers are supported by a system of products designed to create a healthy scalp environment.

Q. What are the side effects of using NIOXIN products?
A. Nioxin uses naturally derived ingredients which have no known side effects.

Q. Does NIOXIN have an expiration date?
A. The only NIOXIN products with an expiration date is the dietary supplement, Recharging Complex the Nioxin scalp treatments system 2, 4, 6 and 8 and the Nioxin Scalp Recovery system.

Q. Why does it say not to massage on the labeling?
A. Individuals with fine or noticeably thin-looking hair are likely to have shallowly rooted hair which is loosely attached to the root. Rough massaging or scrubbing the scalp skin vigorously may cause the hair to detach from the scalp, interrupting the normal life cycle of the hair.

Q. Will NIOXIN cause hair loss?
A. First it is important to understand that hair loss or shedding is a normal daily occurrence. Losing less than 50 hairs per day, when shampooing daily is acceptable. Some individuals after being on the system for a period of time begin seeing daily hair loss numbers increase and are concerned that the Bionutrient Formulations system is causing this hair loss. Hair fall out can increase when you first begin the proper cleansing and treatment of the scalp. This is only a temporary situations and should not exceed two weeks. If it does exceed two weeks, discontinue use of the product and consult your doctor or dermatologist.

Q. If I stop using NIOXIN will my new hair fall out?
A. Nioxin Formulations have no known side effects, including loss of hair when the product is discontinued. With the discontinued use of the Bionutrient Formulations, the undesirable scalp environment that was present prior to use of the system gradually returns.

Q. What is PVP?
A. Plastic resins that are added to conventional products to give the hair the look, feel and manageability desired, however, it creates build-up on the hair and scalp.

Q. What is Co-Zyme 10?
A. A proprietary complex of co-enzymes and energizing co-factors combined into a special complex of co-enzymes that helps to increase bio-energetics on the scalp skin to help defend against free radical damage and enhance scalp cellular turnover by exfoliating dead skin and may help extend the life cycle of hair.

Q. Are NIOXIN products used as a body wash?
A. The Nioxin Cleansers may be used as an all over body wash.

Q. Why does NIOXIN contain Propylene Glycol?
A. Propylene Glycol is a solvent, but not an alcohol. Like cetyl alcohol, it is a moisturizer for skin and hair. It is used to preserve the quality of the herbal extracts, and it also attracts and holds moisture in skin and hair.

Q. Why does NIOXIN have Alcohol in the Nio-Spray?
A. Like other aerosol hair sparys, NiosSpray has alcohol, however, when sprayed 10-12" from the head, the alcohol in the NioSpray dissipates. It does not dry out your scalp since it doesn't make contact with the scalp.

Q. How long do I need to use NIOXIN?
A. The Nioxin systems are of benefit as long as use is continued. Discontinued use, discontinued benefits.

Q. Does NIOXIN conduct clinical studies?
A. No. NIOXIN uses natural ingredients in our products; therefore, we do not make any drug claims. Our products are primarily topical, cosmetic-based and do not require clinical studies to be conducted.

Q. Can Recharging Complex be taken without using other NIOXIN products?
A. Yes. Recharging Complex can be taken without the use of other NIOXIN products, for healthy-looking hair, more youthful looking skin and stronger nails and support healthy living. Recharging Complex taken once daily as a vitamin supplement provides the vitamins and minerals needed for total well being.

Q. Is NIOXIN safe to use during pregnancy or breast-feeding ?
A. NIOXIN® scalp and hair care systems are recommended to help maintain a healthy scalp environment and help prevent textural changes through the post-natal period. There are no known side effects from using NIOXIN® Products while pregnant. Note: Always consult with your physician during pregnancy, when breastfeeding or undergoing any other medical treatments.

Q. Can NIOXIN be used during chemotherapy ?
A. NIOXIN products may be used during chemotherapy. Hair loss (alopecia) is a common side effect of chemotherapy treatments. Not all chemotherapy drugs cause hair loss and some drugs only cause thinning of the hair or cause it to become brittle. NIOXIN products are safe for use during chemotherapy treatments and help promote a healthy scalp environment. Common Sense Note: Always consult with your doctor before using any product when undergoing medical treatments.

Q. Can Minoxidil and NIOXIN® be used together?
A. Individuals using products containing Minoxidil may use NIOXIN Cleanser™ and NIOXIN Scalp Therapy™, NIOXIN® Hair Masques and NIOXIN® styling products. However, it is not recommended to use Scalp Treatment or Follicle Booster® in conjunction with the use of the minoxidil.

Q. Can an individual use NIOXIN® products at the same time as Propecia* or Rogaine*?
A. Yes. Nioxin products are applied to help improve the scalp environment to address the appearance of thinning hair and may be used simultaneously with Propecia.

Q. Are NIOXIN products hypoallergenic?
A. Yes. As it relates to the definition of hypoallergenic: less likely to cause an allergic reaction. NIOXIN products have been purchased and used by men, women and children around the world for over 15 years, with no known undesirable side effects.

Q. Are NIOXIN products bio-degradable?
A. Yes. In regards to the definition of bio-degradable: capable of being decomposed by biological means. NIOXIN products have an indefinite shelf life while in the bottle, but once used or emptied from the bottle would be bio-degradable. The plastic bottles themselves are not bio-degradable, but are recyclable.

Q. Are NIOXIN products used for skin care?
A. Yes. In addition to the many alternative uses of NIOXIN products for the hair and scalp, Cleanser, Scalp Therapy and Scalp Treatments and Follicle Booster may be of benefit when used on blemished skin, for daily skin cleansing and care.

Q. What is the active ingredient in NIOXIN products?
A. Generally this term "active ingredient" is reserved for drug products, therefore is not appropriate for describing NIOXIN. NIOXIN created a system of products, utilizing unique proprietary blends of herbs and botanicals concentrating on the hair and improving the scalp environment, to help enhance the appearance of thinning hair.

Q. What is NIOXIN Glyco-Fused Complex?
A. Glyco-Fused Complex is an infused blend of moisturizing protective herbs and botanicals that help safeguard the scalp from the drying irritation that can occur after a chemical service. It also helps to calm and soothe the scalp. The NIOXIN Glyco-Fused Complex helps those with chemically enhanced hair maintain a healthy scalp environment.

FINE HAIR = (limp, fly away)
MEDIUM-COARSE HAIR = (unruly, frizzy)
NATURAL HAIR = (non chemically treated)
EARLY STAGES OF THINNING = (beginning to loose more hair daily, starting to see scalp trough hair)
NOTICEABLY THINNING HAIR =(progressivly receeding hairline, overall thinning, scalp showing trough hair, part in hair is getting wider, notice a lot of hair in brush)


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