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Hair loss concealers and Hair thickening fibers to cover thinning hair. These Hair fibers along with normal hairs allow keratin fibers to bond tightly and form a completely natural pattern. - Information Reviews & discount XFusion, Folicure, Color Mark and other name brand hair care products for thinning hair and hair loss. Specializing in Discount Nioxin products: Lowest Price Guarantee
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Hair thickening fibers | hair building fibers


Hairloss Concealers are cosmetic sprays, powders, and creams that are applied to the hair and scalp to either make the hair appear thicker and/or darken the scalp. Hairloss concealers are for existing areas of thinning hair, not slick bald areas. The advantages of concealers are that they don't cost a lot and will immediately make your hair look better, unlike the treatment and transplant options which take many months to see results. They also do not have side effects so they are more appropriate for people who wish to take a more natural approach and do not want to use treatments or go through hair transplantation.

Hair loss concealers and hair thickeners present an excellent way to cover thin areas of the scalp for those hair loss sufferers who are seeking quick, occasional improvement in their hair density rather than a permanent solution. Most people believe that these products are not capable of withstanding rain or strong wind and come off on the pillow case at night. However, this assumption is often wrong. There are a number of products that are surprisingly resistant and look extremely natural. They even allow you to continue with your topical hair loss treatment..

Our hair loss concealers are made of microscopic keratin fibers that can be sprinkled onto thinning hair and bald spots to instantly increase the thickness and density of each hair. Contrary to popular belief, thinning and balding scalps contain thousands of tiny colorless hairs. These hairs, along with normal hairs allow keratin fibers to bond tightly and form a completely natural pattern.

Easy to use: just apply on the thinning area, bald spot will disappear instantly.
Safe to use with Rogaine Nioxin and Propecia

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